Women, Don’t Despair

Madam President, looking presidential
Madam Secretary – or President, looking presidential, which is really all you needd

Remember, there was a time, less than 100 years ago, when women were not even allowed to vote (or own property)!  Interestingly, Steve Bannon, the Nazi-inspired misogynist racist who used to run the fake news site Brietbart and will now be a president’s closest advisor, has claimed that it would be a good idea for only property owners to vote. That would not be a bad thing, he said. (Republicans love to suppress voting based on random things like owning property, IDs, etc.).

So for now at least, us women should be grateful for our man-given ability to vote, especially  for the right to vote without being property owners! Of course, I am being massively sarcastic. (I would personally like to deny people like Steve Bannon the right to vote or hold any government job based upon his hateful bigoted viewpoints alone.)

Men should not be giving us anything that is already ours. Women have always had the ability vote, we just needed to take it. By force. The same can be said for the presidency.

If you are not into taking things by force, don’t despair. There will be another chance for a serious female presidential candidate soon, if we are to follow the logic of this last election. Quite clearly, the election taught us that qualifications for being president are unnecessary and even bad, while being completely without qualifications are good. This means we don’t have to wait years and years for a woman senator or other politician comes up in the ranks to reach the Secratary of State level of experience. We could count on most any celebrity woman to be up to the job of runinng for and winning the presidency. The person who “won” the last election won more on his popularity and celebrity than anything else. It had very little to do with his knowledge or promises to the downtrodden.

This opens up all kinds of possibilities for future female presidents. We can just pick someone who is capable-seeming in a television show (like a good TV Mom), or pick a popular actress who has already won something, like an Oscar.  Someone from Shark Tank would be great too, or QVC. Someone who “looks presidential” would be enough, and it would help if she were smart too, like Tea Leoni!(pictured above on her CBS show, “Madam Secretary“)

So keep up the hope, women. After Trump, the “qualifications” bar is lowered way, waaaaaaaay down, and anyone can now be elected president. Women should have no problem whatsoever with the new, and only,  job requirement: looking presidential and “tough”. 

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