The Terrifying Trump Mistake Era

The Trump Era should not be confused with the real ERA. It is the opposite. Not only will the Equal Rights Amendment never pass under Republican leadership, (with their real and on-going War on Women) but we are now preparing for the Twilight Zone taking over the American government. We are actually anticipating nonstop, government-endorsed sexism and misogyny, sexually abusive behavior led by our new, illegitimately-appointed President Trump. Appointed by the Electoral College; not elected. A very important distinction.

Thanks to the conflagration of evil forces: Assange, Wikileaks, Russian Hacking, Putin, the FBI, Comey, right-wing fake media, and Trump’s cult-like persona, the world is in for a massive shock next week when Donald Trump is inaugurated President of the United States. It’s still hard to realize that concept is not a joke or a nightmare from which we will awaken! It’s truly horrifying, and it seemed impossible just a short while ago. Now it is our terrifying reality.

Everyone has some reason to be living in fear under this massive political mistake. People of color, Muslims, women, non-Christians, the poor; pretty much everyone but rich white men have reason to be scared. No one really knows the extent of damage this loose canon will do with his new-found power, but we can definitely see much of it coming.

Since this is a pro-feminist website and I am a feminist and woman, I am especially concerned with how the Trump administration will impact women’s day-to-daylives, education, reproductive freedom, work equality, and health. We know Trump and his Repupublican minions want to destroy health care for women in all its forms: say good bye to affordable health insurance, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), and goodbye to Planned Parenthood.

I seriously recommend that Democrats all across the country link arms with independents, liberals and all types of progressives and block everything, or nearly everything, that Donald Trump tries to do as president. If everyone takes a stand and refuses to be run over by Trump and his horrible administration, we have a chance of minimizing the danger he can do. No supreme court justices approved, no cabinet members approved, no judges approved, no laws passed, no ACA decimated and destroyed. Democrats need to refuse to work with him on anything. Obstruct everything he wants done. Make his life and his job very very difficult. It’s the only way to keep the “bull in the china shop” from destroying the entire country.  And I am not hopeful this is even possible.

His people, his administration, will be so out of the mainstream, so abnormal, that I just hope the country can survive the next four years. It is unthinkable to me that this mistake could ever be repeated in the US.