Republican Congress Attacks Electric Cars

New House Tax Bill Alert: An All Out Attack on Clean Energy 

Electric Vehicles and Clean Energy Benefit Everyone

The tax reform bill introduced by the House would take away the public health, environmental, and financial benefits of clean energy tax credits and is nothing more than a handout to the fossil fuel industry. Call your representative today and voice your opposition to this bill. 

The tax bill being debated in the House is a bad deal. In addition to cutting taxes for the wealthy at the expense of middle class and low-income families, it also poses a major threat to the success of electric vehicles and renewable energy technologies that save consumers money, create jobs, and reduce climate and air pollution.  

Federal tax credits are essential for innovative technologies to reach large scale markets and become cost competitive with conventional technologies. Exactly how quickly we can scale up these clean technologies will depend in large part on policy incentives. Of course, dirty fossil fuel industries don’t want to compete with cleaner technologies, so it’s not surprising that their friends in Congress and the Trump Administration want to pull the plug on electric vehicles and hamstring renewable energy in their tax reform bill. 

This plan is unacceptable. Call your representative today and urge them to oppose this harmful tax bill.