Mansplaining is Not Funny

Mansplaining is real, it’s annoying, and it’s pervasive. It just happened to me the other day. I was hanging up an art show in a public building. A random white guy who worked there came along and tried to explain to me how to hang up a painting on a system I had already used several times. I told him no thanks for the help, I had used the system several times, and then he tried to explain it to me again as if he hadn’t heard me. I had to nearly yell at him to get it through his dense skull that I knew how to do it without his help. What is wrong with men? Lack of listening skills in some of them is definitely a big part of the problem. Here’s a New Yorker cartoon that illustrates mansplaining in a very subtle way. Unfortunately mansplaining itself is very un-subtle. It’s also very sexist, which is why women are so fed up with it. The message is: men, cut it out. Women are smart, and often, smarter than you.

A cartoon by Will McPhail. See more cartoons with our randomizer: